Monday, April 30, 2001

Hello everyone and welcome to my web page: tonights discussion is going to be on gays in the military! What is your opinion and what makes you feel like this? Since this is my web page I will put my two cents in on this subjuct. I beleive it is great for fags to be in the military. That makes them farther away from me and it makes me happy to know that one day they MIGHT all be sent on a special mission over seas and all be killed by those damn soviets. That would be a great mission for all the fags in this world!!! Please put your two cents in on this subject, and dont be scared tp tell the truth!!!! Thanks Bennett

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

hey dennis this is my web page:

Monday, April 16, 2001

hello everyone this is Bennett and This is my first Web Page!